Singapore Mooncake Festival 2020 Guide to Best Mooncakes

The mid autumn festival where we can enjoy our hearty mooncakes is finally approaching! Singaporeans love mooncakes as we visit bakery and international premium hotels for the best traditional or snowskin mooncakes.

It is the time of the year where we visit Takshimaya mooncake fair or other shopping malls for mooncake fairs (such as Tangs department store, Junction 8, Jurong Point, Tampines Mall, Vivocity etc) where we get to have a great visual and tasting of great mooncakes from Raffles Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Awfully Chocolate, Golden Moments, Kele mooncake etc.

One of the new and innovative mooncakes of 2019 is the OREO mooncakes that were sold in most NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage or Shengshiong supermarkets.

When is Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival?

The mooncake festival this year is celebrated on 1st October of 2020. The Mid-Autumn Festival or mooncake festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar month (农历8月15日) of each year.

Will there be Takashimaya or any other Mooncake Fair / Roadshows in 2020?

Many malls and shopping centres have suspended roadshows, fairs and events of atrium spaces. Crowd gathering is now a big no-no, to follow social distancing because of covid19.

Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2020 – Cancelled and move to online?

As of 11 August, there are no formal announcements and it looks like most major shopping malls, including Takashimaya S.C. will not have their physical mooncake fairs of 2020.

Nonetheless, mooncakes are a big Singaporean chinese culture, and Singaporeans are eager to continue life as best as we can, and you can choose and select the best mooncakes in Singapore fair online.

Which is the best mooncake in Singapore?

Best mooncake in Singapore is a very subjective matter. Some of us prefer traditional baked golden mooncakes, while some of us love the cold snowskin. Even the fillings of mooncakes can be from traditional lotus seed paste to creative durian paste (We Singaporeans love our durian!), or even OREO cookies fillings!

There are also fans of bakeries that specialize in baking pastries all year round and fans of hotels with high-end bakery chefs and classy gift boxes. Everyone has their own preferred best moon cakes.

The best mooncake is made of pure gold… 😉

For this guide, we will be providing a guide on mooncakes from

  • Hotels
  • Bakeries and other shops

1. Raffles Hotel

Raffles hotel mooncake are a hot perennial favourites among Singapore, especially the renowed Champagne Truffle Snowskin mooncake (Aren’t Singaporeans a luxury brunch?)

Raffles Hotel Champagne Truffle Snowskin Mooncakes- maybe enjoy it with champagne?

There are also two new flavours from Raffles Hotel this year: 1) Apricot and sourplum snowskin mooncake and 2) Yuzu and Osmanthus snowskin mooncakes.

Both are retailing for $76 for a box of 8 pieces while the signature Champagne Truffle Snowskin is retailing for $78 for a box of $78


2. Goodwood Park Hotel

Do you know Goodwood Park Hotel is 120 years old in 2020? That’s more than double the age of modern Singapore at 55! Goodwood Park Hotel is celebrating with a grand 120th-anniversary Mooncake that is 16.5cm wide!

Goodwood Park Hotel One Big 120th Anniversary Mooncake

Goodwood Park Hotel One Big 120th Anniversary Mooncake

The 120th Anniversary Mooncake contains 12 gorgeous salted egg yolks in white lotus seed paste traditional mooncake.

Goodwood Park Hotel is also launching 2 new snowskin mooncakes, an Orange with Grape that has juicy bites of grapes inside an orange citrusy mousse filling and a Japanese sweet potato with pumpkin-coconut centre with a pumpkin puree with desiccated coconut, and surrounded by rich thick Japanese sweet potato filling.

Goodwood Park Hotel orange with grapes mooncakes

Goodwood Park Hotel orange with grapes mooncakes

If you like these unique offerings and cannot make up your mind which box to get, you can get the special Legacy Bundle that has a grouping of snowskin combo, baked combo, and the new Japanese sweet potato combo. The Legacy bundle is now retailing at $120 instead of the price of $177.

2. Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

Ritz Carlton Millenia is launching their hot favourites, Colony Mini Snowskin Lycheetini Mooncake Hamper in 2020 with real lychee bits. There are also snowskin “Mao Shan Wang” durian and snowskin white lotus seed paste or green tea with yolk mooncakes as well as traditional mooncakes.

Ritz Carlton Millenia Colony Snowskin Martini Mooncake Hamper

Ritz Carlton Millenia Colony Snowskin Martini Mooncake Hamper

The gift hamper box is always a pleasure, with 2 colors, red for the traditional mooncake, and gold for the snowskin. Their giftbox can be used with a magnetic desk calendar, a miniature photo frame and a three-slot pen holder. The top box and the side drawers (once the mooncakes are eaten) can be used as a drawer component for your desk stationaries. What a wonderful gift idea!

Below reviews will be updated soon daily!

3. St Regis Singapore

St Regis is launching new innovative flavours in 2020 such as Honey Purple Sweet Potato Paste with Orange Yuzu Truffle, the Great Tea Paste with Oolong Tea Truffle and Royal Milk Tea with Honey Osmanthus Truffle. This is the works of their famous pastry chef- Vanness Chai.

St Regis Mooncakes

St Regis Mooncakes

Health-conscious readers who are looking for lower calories or lower sugar mooncakes may like the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts.

St Regis mooncakes come in a beautiful glass gift box that doubles up well as a jewellery case. 

4. Fullerton Hotel Or Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Fullerton Hotel’s Jade Signatures Mooncake Collection loves fusing traditional mooncake culture with local flavours. My personal favourite Yuan Yang (Kopi with milk tea) selection and Passion Fruit with Chin Chow, a spin on our favourite local dessert.

Fullerton Hotel Passion Fruit Chin Chow Snow Skin Mooncake

Fullerton Hotel Passion Fruit Chin Chow Snow Skin Mooncake

You may also like the Baked Mixed Nuts with Black Dates and Baked Red Bean and Pineapple with Tangerine Peel. If you love an unique gift box, the Clifford Pier Mooncake Tingkat will suits you well!

Fullerton Limited Edition Mooncakes Giftbox Tingkat

Fullerton Limited Edition Mooncakes Giftbox Tingkat

4. Grand Shanghai

The one grand mooncake that caught our attention is the Premium Bird’s Nest with Almond Paste snowskin. The bird nest has a stringy and bouncy texture that gives different mouth-feel. Definitely a good premium gift for the wonderful ladies in our lives.

There is also the authentic Shanghainese Crispy Yam paste with a generous serving of silky and smooth yam in a golden flaky crust.

Grand Shanghai Shanghainese Crispy Yam Paste Mooncake

Grand Shanghai Shanghainese Crispy Yam Paste Mooncake

Or go for the Shanghainese Crispy Lava Salted Egg Yolk! It oozes a great mixture of sweet and savoury exciting tastes that fit well in our mouth.

5. Shangri-la Singapore

Another delicious mooncake with our favorite bird’s nest! This limited edition delicacy has a core of thick luxurious bird’s nest and full of velvety custards. Each box has 8 mini pieces and is a signature of Shangri-La every season.

Shangri la Mini Baked Custard with Birds Nest

Shangri la Mini Baked Custard with Birds Nest

For those looking for a healthier treat or vegan version (without the salted egg yolk), there is a mini Vegan mooncake that has replaced the egg with a sweetened pumpkin core instead.

For reduced sugar version, there are reduced sugar white lotus seed paste, and you can choose those with no egg yolk, single, double or with four yolks. These are healthier and suit those looking for a less sweet version.

Another innovative treat is their Hennessy XO Chocolate mini snowskin, designed to have an interesting twist to have the aroma of XO and dark cocoa flavor in this traditional pastries. 

Shangri la Gift Boxes Shang Palance, Peranakan inspired

Shangri la Gift Boxes Shang Palance, Peranakan inspired

Shangri-La mooncake gift boxes never disappoint, be it their Shang Palace series or the Peranakan inspired “tingkat” gift boxes, always classy and appropriate for business gifts or to distinguished relatives and friends.

5. Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific is taking Mid Autumn festival very serious as it provides 11 different flavours of mooncakes. There are even Halal-certified mooncakes for those malay friends who are keen to explore and celebrate this Chinese festival together, what a uniquely Singapore celebration. And of course, low sugar version for those looking for healthier treats.

Pan Pacific Hai Tien Lo’s Four Treasures Snowskin Mooncakes

Pan Pacific Hai Tien Lo’s Four Treasures Snowskin Mooncakes

Here are some of the flavours from Pan Pacific hotel Hai Tien Lo:-

  1. White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
  2. Assorted Nuts with Chicken Ham
  3. White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar)
  4. Jade Paste with Melon Seeds (Low Sugar)
  5. Charcoal Black Sesame Seed Paste with Melon Seeds
  6. Four Treasures Snowskin Mooncakes
  7. Mao Shan Wang Signature
  8. Raspberry Chocolate
  9. Matcha Black Sesame
  10. Soursop Lychee
  11. Hazelnut Yuzu

If you have a curious palate, do try the soursop lychee or the raspberry chocolate!

6. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Holiday Inn Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant has won many awards to its name, and this year they are launching the favourite Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk Mooncake and Peranakan Durian Mooncake.

Holiday Inn Xin Cuisine White Lotus Seed Paste Grand Marnier Praline

Holiday Inn Xin Cuisine White Lotus Seed Paste Grand Marnier Praline

Apart from these popular creations, the in house bakery has also put a lavish spin to our well-loved snowskin mooncakes with 2 new flavours – White Lotus Seed Paste with Grand Marnier Praline and Green Tea Paste with Jackfruit Praline Mooncake. 

7. InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Singapore is rooted in Bugis, a district rich in history and culture. As such, their restaurant, Man Fu Yuan, has designed their mooncakes akin to classic Peranakan desserts: in signature blooming rose silhouette, encasing four irresistible flavours.


  1. Chendol, comprising Gula Melaka with Red Bean, Coconut, and Pandan Jelly.
  2. Pulut Hitam, made of Dark Glutinous Rice with Candied Longan, and Coconut.
  3. Durian Pengat filled with Durian Cream, Gula Melaka, and Butterfly-pea.
  4. Pandan and Coconut Kaya, featuring fragrant Pandan Kaya Jam, with a Coconut Kaya Jam centre.
InterContinental Singapore Snow Skin Mooncakes

InterContinental Singapore Snow Skin Mooncakes

Sticking to the Peranakan theme, the gift boxes are styled as Tingkat carriers, with beautiful turquoise and blush hues. You can reuse these gift boxes as food takeaway beautiful lunch boxes to reduce using plastic containers.

8. Four Seasons Singapore

We are excited over the new Bird’s Nest with Custard mooncake, with a thick core of bird’s nest and filled with thick creamy custard. But the one that grabbed our attention is the Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts. Prepared delicately over a wood fire oven, this is a must-try if you like unique non-traditional mooncakes.

Assorted Nuts Smoked Duck Baked Skin Mooncakejpg

Assorted Nuts Smoked Duck Baked Skin Mooncakejpg

The gift box is styled in jewellery box format, with classy floral motifs.

9. Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Cherry Garden from Mandarin Oriental Singapore is famous for its snowskin Lychee Martini and Chocolate Truffle mooncake and fruity Exotic Passion Fruit, Candied Pineapple and Mango Mochi. For 2020 creation, Mandarin Oriental is focusing on Oolong tea-themed cakes, with the baked Lugu Oolong Tea with Melon Seeds and the snowskin Oolong Tea Infusion with Dried Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds.

Mandarin Oriental Cherry Garden Mooncake Pearl White Four Treasures

Mandarin Oriental Cherry Garden Mooncake Pearl White Four Treasures

If you are looking for low sugar alternatives, there are healthier versions such as the Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste.

Their gift boxes are with oriental floral motifs and available in coral red or pearl white

10. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

There are more local flavours in the selection this year, with Pandan Kaya, Kueh Salat, Mango Pomelo and Orh Nee (Yam Paste with Gingko nuts) making the selection. One notable signature is their Nyonya Mixed Nuts, where healthy nuts are mixed in such as almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, white sesame seeds, and buah keluak are baked. 

If you are looking for healthier reduced sugar offerings, they do offer traditional flavours with low sugar.

Crown Plaza Changi Airport mooncakes

Crown Plaza Changi Airport mooncakes

And if you are looking to do your part for the environment, you would be pleased to know that their gift boxes are made from recycled materials and yet look so royally with floral motifs in plum.

11. Regent Singapore

Regent has 8 dining outlets and has teamed up different dining outlets with its spin on each unique mooncake. The Italian restaurant, Basilico sourced Amarena cherries from Bologna – a sour, dark varietal of fruit grown in Bologna famed for their luscious notes –  and paired them with Sicilian pistachios and the honeyed sweetness of dried figs in the Pistachio to create the Fig and Amarena Cherry snowskin mooncake.

Another Italian twist is the Double Espresso and Almond Marzipan snowskin mooncake. Coffee lovers would love this twist, as we are so used to having oolong or green tea with our mooncakes

Regent Summer Palace Double Expresso Mooncake

Regent Summer Palace Double Expresso Mooncake

If you prefer alcohol instead of coffee, you can try Manhattan’s Macapuno mooncake, with the ingredients of Plantation Rum, Spiced Coconut and Yuzu.

Another interesting mooncake is their Orange and Pine Nuts mooncake. It has a smooth tangy filling studded with buttery pine nuts for crunch. 

12. JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott has paired Bird’s Nest with Japanese sweet potato for their unique snowskin mooncake. Their Mao Shan Wang durian mooncakes are highly prized too.

If you prefer traditionally baked, there are their lotus paste egg yolk with low sugar or baked with premium mixed nuts.

JW Marriott South Beach Mooncakes

JW Marriott South Beach Mooncakes

The JW Marriott gift box is a classic mooncake box design that looks evergreen and exquistic.


The reviews of other hotels/bakery mooncakes below would be updated daily!

  1. Mandarin Orchard Singapore
  2. Yan
  3. Carlton Hotel Singapore
  4. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza
  5. Conrad Centennial Singapore


Bakeries and other shops

21. Golden Moments

Golden Moments burst into the Singapore culinary scene a few years ago, and was the hot favourite discovery of many influencers on youtube and Instagrams.

Its signature mooncake is filled with 100% pure mao shan wang durian paste.

Golden Moment Durian Snowskin Mooncake with gold dust

As if it does not sound luxurious enough, a layer of gold dust is peppered on it.

Currently Golden Moment is having a 1-for-1 promotion for only $108 SGD. And it includes a free gift of 5 star luxury spa pass for one!

22. IRVINS Salted Egg Lava

23.Hong Kong Mei Xin Bakery

Those who love the traditional goodness of Hong Kong bakeries, you would love that award-winning Hong Kong Mei Xin (or aka HKMX) has branches in Singapore, selling in Takashimaya, Tangs Vivo City, Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest and Cold Storage as well as Giant Hypermarket.

Beside the usual traditional mooncakes of lotus seed paste and salted egg yolks, they do have Lava and custard mooncakes.

Hong Kong Mei Xin HKMX Lava Custard Mooncakes
Hong Kong Mei Xin HKMX Lava Custard Mooncakes

One of the hot queue in Hongkong each year for their lava custard mooncakes. Definitely a must-try if you love hongkong pasteries.

And if you love Marvel superheros like the Avengers…. (who don’t like them? I love Ironman… and Thor and Captain America and Black Widow and Dr Strange and Hulk and Antman… ok I love all of them!)

Marvel Avengers Mei Xin Mooncakes
Marvel Avengers Mei Xin Mooncakes

Mei Xin has teamed up with Disney / Marvel for Marvel Avengers collection. This year, it seems that Ironman and Avengers have their own giftboxes for Singapore.

We have seen StarWar and Disney Princess giftboxes in HongKong in the past and we are crossing our fingers that they will bring them over to Singapore soon!

24. TungLok Group 25. Janice Wong 26. Old Seng Choong 27
Awfully Chocolate

28.Oreo Mooncakes

Oreo mooncakes were launched in 2019 at all major supermarkets and was very popular, being sold out in many FairPrice and Cold Storage. Would it be launched again in 2020? We are still awaiting official confirmation.

Oreo Mooncakes 2020

Oreo Mooncakes 2020

Each Oreo mooncake box has 4 cakes in 

  1. brownie chocolate
  2. double chocolate with milk
  3. strawberry jam
  4. cappucino
Oreo mooncakes 2019 or 2020

Oreo mooncakes 2019 or 2020


I am sure kids would love these version of OREO mooncakes! (actually many adults would probably want to try these too).

Have a great mid autum festival and enjoy the once a year feasting! We need this break from the covid19!

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