Healthy mooncakes, low or less sugar? Vegan? Even halal mooncakes?

Many of us love eating mooncakes, be it traditional baked mooncakes or those with snowskin that need to be refrigerated. Unfortunately, mooncakes contain a staggering amount of calories and sugar.

We will talk about calories, low sugar, reduced sugar mooncakes that are now available in Singapore 2020, and we even take a look at the launch of vegan mooncakes (no meat, no eggs, no milk etc) and even… halal mooncakes for those who want to celebrate with our malay Muslim friends.

If you want a more comprehensive guide, check out this best mooncakes in Singapore Guide 2020.

how much calories are in your mooncakes?

A single baked lotus seed paste mooncake can contain 716 k calories, which is more than 5 fried chicken drumsticks. That’s a huge whopping amount. And if you think snowskin may not be that bad, a snowskin lotus seed paste mooncake contains 900 k calories, that’s about the same as 3 slices of pizzas.

unhealthy calories in mooncake compare food

unhealthy calories in mooncake compare food

And most of the calories come from sugar and with very little nutritional value. As we are probably more aware now, dieticians have concluded that sugar, and not fats, is the villain of obesity and unhealthy heart diseases etc.

Healthy Mooncakes in Singapore

If you are looking for less sugar mooncakes or reduced low sugar mooncakes, you are in luck!

Less or low reduced sugar mooncakes

Here is a list of all the hotels offering low or reduced sugar mooncakes:

  1. Pan Pacific Singapore- Hai Tien Lo (Jade Paste with Melon Seeds, White Lotus Paste with Macademia Nuts etc)
  2. Shangri-la Singapore (Reduced sugar white lotus seed paste with four, double or single egg yolk)
  3. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium- Xin Cuisine (Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk)
  4. Mandarin Oriental- Cherry Garden (Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste with Single or Double Yolk)
  5. Mandarin Orchard- Chatterbox (Macadamia Nut and Low Sugar Paste)
  6. St Regis Singapore- Yan Ting (Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts)
Mandarin Oriental Cherry Garden Mooncake Pearl White Four Treasures

Mandarin Oriental Cherry Garden Offers Low Sugar Paste Mooncakes

Vegan mooncakes

If you have relatives or friends who are vegans, fret not. Most mooncakes can be considered “no-meat” especially traditional mooncakes using white lotus paste. You may just omit salted egg yolks so that there are no animal products.

To ease vegans, there are hotels that are offering vegan mooncake that vegans can enjoy with peace of mind.

Shangri la Vegan mooncakes with sweetened pumpkins

Shangri la Vegan mooncakes with sweetened pumpkins

Shangri-la Singapore offers Limited Edition Mini Vegan mooncakes, where instead of egg yolk, it is filled with a core of sweetened pumpkin.

Halal mooncakes

For those who are celebrating with Malay Muslim friends, colleagues or relatives, there are halal-certified mooncakes too.

  1. Fullerton Hotels (all mooncakes are halal-certified)
  2. Pan Pacific Singapore (all flavours offered, upon request for halal-certified)
  3. Bread Garden (all their mooncakes, as Bread Garden is halal bakery)
Fullerton Limited Edition Mooncakes Giftbox Tingkat

Fullerton Hotel offers halal-certified mooncakes

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